Ducati 959/1299 Panigale Carbon LED mirrors 7039/40-Pair

Ducati 959/1299 Panigale Carbon LED mirrors-Pair

Folding mirrors for the Ducati 959/1299 Panigale

Drops in the stock fairing mounts, no mods to the bike.

Includes LED ballast resistors. Lifetime warrantee on LEDS.

Bolts on fairing in 5 minutes, can be wired as running lights or turn signals

with our passive magic blinker modules : http://www.moto-science.com/product/magic-blinker-led-running-lights-module-pair

Dark Carbon look matches real Ducati Carbon pieces

Bright Leds

Includes gaskets and connectors which fit either Ducati 959 or 1299.

Moto-science exclusive, Made in Italy

Ducati 959/1299 Mirror Installation instructions :

Dissemble the mounts, remove 11mm brass nut, spring, Black Alu cover.

Install beveled bases, high side of the base towards the back or rider,

one at at a time.

Install black alloy base cover. Install the mirror and hand tension the 11mm nut hand tight. ( Do not use a ratchet, hand tight here )

Check for geometry. If the mirror is drooping, bases are reversed or backwards.

Thread wire through hole in the arm pivot.

Wire up Leds, check for operation. Install wire unions.

Test ride the bike, and torque mirror spring to your requirements ( folding or non folding tension)

When you are satisfied with the details : Install Black Plastic Caps marked on inside : SX for Left, DX for Right.

These caps can be removed after installation with a wedge shaped chop stick working from the top to the side.

Do not use a metal screwdriver to remove the Black plastic cap as you will chip the powder coating.

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