BMW / Harley adapters for Metric Mirrors 795-pair

BMW / Harley adapters for Metric Mirrors 795-pair

Allows for any standard 10mm mirrors to fit BMW R1100GS, BMW R1150GS

Also for Harley Davidson before 2007

Specific for pass through the perch mirror mounts.

Includes spacers for best fitment.

Made in Italy

Installation notes for BMW R1100GS, BMW R1150GS

Reuse stock under perch mount nut (it's a reduced size nut.) Optional you can run a 5/16 x24 tap through this nut to align threads to the adapter

On the R1100, may need to weld on an extension 8mm stud to the adapter to get clearance on top.

Granted, it's not perfect but it's all that there is at this point , if you want to escape into the free world of universal mirrors on your R1100 and R1150. If I get enough demand, I will have some adapters welded up.

An excellent mirror for these adapted bikes at a very good price : $52/pair

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